Enterprise Applications/CRM

Peoplesoft (www.peoplesoft.com)
eBusiness changes all the rules. To adapt quickly and succeed in the new internet economy, you need solutions that will maximize your return on investment, lower your long-term cost of ownership, and fit into your existing environment. Only Peoplesoft offers an integrated suite of enterprise, customer relationship management, eBusiness and analytic applications - best-of-breed tools that are not only ready for the Web, but are designed to position your company for success in the new economy.

PrimeResponse (www.primeresponse.com)
Prime Response is a leading Marketing Automation visionary in the fast-growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry

MarketSwitch (www.marketswitch.com)
MarketSwitch is the leader in the emerging business category of Enterprise Marketing Optimization. Serving Fortune 500 firms, the company markets its enterprise solutions to large corporate end users and marketing automation service providers. MarketSwitch associates are widely published professionals with superior expertise in marketing, financial analytics, quantitative sciences, and software development